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"Cuts handicapping
down to minutes." - Sal D.

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at the track, and waste less
time on dead picks." - Steve L.

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Make Smarter Bets Faster.

DRS combines the best features of a racing form, a track program and a winning handicapping service all into one easy to find, view or print Race Card.

April 29, 2011 - DailyRacingSheets.com launches a new rewards program to assist DRS operators in spotting big payoffs inside DRS Results. DRS is the only handicapping service that publishes complete and transparent results, with payoffs alongside the previous day's Full Field Forecast. These Results can be viewed by any visitor to the site, and does not require a free user account to access.

Browsers of the DRS Results who send DRS a note flagging the race and particular big win or profitable exotic play they spotted, will be rewarded with a complimentary 1 week advanced subscription, valued at $39.00. Spotters can send their big win submissions via email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or use the DRS Contact Form here. DRS will be posting the big wins spotted at the website and on the DRS Twitter feed.


DailyRacingSheets.com chief handicapper Bill McGreevy was one of the 1,311 winners of the massive Pick 6 carryover on April 23rd at Gulf Stream Park.  The DRS Forecast for April 23 at GPX was consulted and $1800 was wagered on 18,000 10 cent combinations. In the first race of the Pick6, the 7th race, McGreevy's forecasted finisher four deep, Captain Crench, went off 4.2 to 1 and won paying $10.40. The longest price winning horse was in the 12th race, Rachel's Girl, which DRS had picked to finish 6th in a 12 horse field and paid $22.80.  The winning ticket paid $3,200 for a 78% ROI.  This effort showcases how DRS can be used for both simple and complex handicapping. McGreevy said he was able to use the Wins/1000 figures in each Forecast in order to determine how deep each race he should wager for a winner.

Below are images of the tickets and the W2 IRS form completed upon cashing out.

bc_irs_shadow Nov 2006 | Churchill Downs - DRS debuted at the Breeder's Cup and racing fans who had copies of the Nov 4 DRS Forecast spent alot of time at the IRS window. From traditional wagers to exotics, the DRS forecast hit 7 out of 10 races and earned players as much as 331% on their investments.* The 7th race superfecta paid $98,000 for a $2 ticket. Pictured is a copy of the 7th race Superfecta IRS cashout reciept for DRS partner William McGreevy's $1 Superfecta. See the full size ticket HERE. *Based on the DRS Exotic Wagering Matrix.
Wager Type Wager Profile
Races Bet Total Investment
Races Cashed
Cashed Tickets Net Profit
$4 10
4 $85 $45 112%
Exacta 5/5 $40
7 $9,063
$3360 10
$32,760** 7
$108,484 331%


* Wager Profile Definitions: Win Wager is a $2 bet to win each on the top 2 DRS picks per race. Exacta Wager is a $2 box bet on each of the top 5 DRS picks per race, or 5 over 5. Trifecta Wager is a $2 Partial Wheel bet on the top 9 DRS picks per race, placed as the 5 over 7 over 9 top picks. Superfecta is a $2 Partial Wheel bet on the top 11 DRS picks per race, placed as the 5 over 7 over 9 over 11 top picks.**Note: The 1st and 5th races only had 10 horses, so the wager was 5/7/9/10



DRS combines the best features of a racing form, a track program and a great handicapping service all into one easy to read race card. If you want to find the best overlays and highest ROI opportunities with only minutes between the dozens of tracks running every day, then Daily Racing Sheets is a must have resource.

Daily Racing Sheets is the only handicapping service that provides:
* DRS Ratings - Class and Speed Ratings combined
* PP Distance & Surface adjacent to DRS Ratings
* Results of 1000 computer simulated races
* Morning line odds versus DRS forecasted odds
* Forecasted finishing positions for ALL horses
* Recent work out rankings. including non starters
* Program numbers, trainers/jockeys, ML odds, distance, surface and combined Class/Speed rating for up to 9 PPs on one line
* Full race conditions
* Available wager types

for the FULL FIELD of horses of every race published.
New DRS Race Cards are posted every day and users can expect to choose from 8 to 12 tracks in North America every day.

Modern technology allows today's horse racing fan to place wagers on nearly any track across America from the comfort of their own home via sites like WinTicket.com, YouBet.com and PhoneBet.com -- or via one of over 900 Off Track Betting facilities. Not to mention one of over 60 locations with live racing throughout the year.
Thus DRS was designed with the simulcast player in mind. By browsing numerous tracks you can practically build your own custom list of races each day that best meet your own personal taste or criteria for wagering.

Generally races are eliminated from an initial list of races to watch, for one of two reasons.
First Reason: Small fields (say fewer than 8 horses).
Second Reason: The top DRS selections are a virtual mirror of the M/L odds (no overlays).
The player should be aware that sometimes the actual closing pari-mutuel odds can differ widely from the M/L odds. We have seen M/L 7-2 odds close at 25-1 and conversely 25-1 M/L odds close at 7-2.


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